Thursday, 26 May 2011


I took this picture a few nights back. Radish is teething at the moment so this was a moment of peace. He looks so beautiful. I made this blanket for him when I was still pregnant. It was made with Sublime Soya Cotton and is so soft and vibrant. Sadly this yarn seems to be discontinued and it's like hens teeth trying to find it. (It also explains why all my recent crochet projects are these colours! Waste not want not!


  1. I love those colours, and that little sleepy face with the teething flushed cheeks, reminded me of my lads when they were teething x

  2. Thank you Hawthorn :-) You have made my day - someone read my post! Was starting to feel a bit lost in this blogging life. Radish only has two teeth so far so I think I will have a few more sleepless nights to go. Hx