Thursday, 26 May 2011

Catch up

Well not really had the time or inclination to blog recently. Life in general has felt pretty crap and if i'm honest it still does but hey ho, you have to get on with it don't you. Anyhow - enough whinging, there have been a few bright moments. In fact putting these colours together made me smile.

In a previous life I used to work for the illustrator of Elmer - David Mckee - I was an assistant animator for King Rollo films. They always wanted to do Elmer as an animation but sadly never could get any backers for it. Such a happy colourful fellow. I spotted him in a local boo-ti-queue and when I showed him to Radish he nearly climbed out of the pram to get to him!

The plastic cups, bowls and plates are the Co-op summer picnic range - ideal for a little monster trying out finger foods. Actually he just seems to like the colours and rolling the cups round the room. Luckily he takes after his mother and is easily pleased!

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