Thursday, 26 May 2011

Catch ups 2

Well after ages of not writing anything I seem to have found my mojo (is that what was missing I wonder???) and seem to be on a roll. Actually I think it's the fact I have finally got around to having a quiet night for once (touch wood) and have downloaded my camera flash card at last (I couldn't fit anything else on there!)

Anyhow it made me realise that I never posted a few bits i had/have talked about. Firstly the purple blanket that I was making for Radish and his Stokke (Ahhh I should say my Stokke - he just gets to ride in it – it's my pride and joy - sad that a pram has that effect on a person really!) So here it is. Bit wonky and I'm not keen on the fact it's acrylic but it'll do until I can get the wool I really want, a rather nice merino.

Poor thing - it was a hot day when we went out for this walk but I wanted to see how the blanket looked in the sunshine - you'll be pleased to know I didn't leave it on him and we used it for our picnic.

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