Thursday, 26 May 2011

Birthday Present blues

It was my birthday the other week and though the day passed very much the same as every other one at the moment, I was very lucky to have two lovely friends visit me all the way from Kent. They brought with them some sanity (and some madness!), lots of love and laughter and made me feel for a little while normal again. The came bearing gifts and wine and a good time was had. Made me realise I was very lucky to know them but sad when they had to go.

Talking of gifts I saw my sister today and she gave me the most beautiful scarf, a sort of Victorian/Indian pattern, blues and creams and delicately fringed. I do think though that I will use it as a tablecloth rather than a scarf.

Radish definately liked it!

One last thing on the blues... Radish in his aim to lick everything within grabbing distance sadly snapped  a stem off my Orchid this morning. But how can one be upset when it meant it got placed beside the blue jug and the contrast made both items simply glow! The pattern on the orchid looks like coral.


  1. Beautiful scarf! I think it will be smashing as a tablecloth. Too bad about the orchid, though you're right, it does look lovely against the blue. If you can get it to flower again, I'd love to know your secret. :)

  2. A favourite shade of blue, and that orchid looks gorgeous in front of that jug

  3. I got that orchid back in early April for Mother's day and apart from the stem of three flowers that Radish snapped off it is still going strong! As to growing them the only thing I know is water once a week and have them in semi sun/shade. My step mum is the expert - she is the one who got me into them - I must admit they always seemed an expensive plant in the past - now luckily you get them everywhere in the UK now. I will see what she knows :-)