Saturday, 28 May 2011

Boo-ti-queues buys

In my family we love a bargain, we love with a passion charity shops, or as we call them 'Boo-to-queues'. The village we live in has seven and a twice weekly trawl with Radish in his Stokke is one of my little pleasures. I never find any nice clothing like my sister and step mum do but I do find some lovely bits for Radish now and again.

You can however go weeks without finding anything and then like buses, bargains can come in threes! I found this little child's mug first. I think it's 30's (?) by the style and I like to think it was bought and treasured by some mother for her little Radish. The illustration is very Hansel and Gretel.

The next thing I found was this square jar.

It's pretty battered round the top and I think at one time it must have had a lid - like a coffee or tea canister. But who cares - I think she looks very elegant, sat there offering the viewer a cup of tea (so probably was a tea caddy!) - not sure why there is a house painted under the table though??

Finally my piéce de résistance! Of all the charity shops/boo-ti-queues in the village the one I very rarely visit (only because I often forget it's there) is a little higgledy piggledy place down a little covered alley. They have a little display window set to one side and there it was. No price though and the place was closed (it was late Saturday afternoon). I walked away going oooh, want that, want that.... I could see that it would look great covered in some new fabric and a lick of paint sat beside Radish's cot. I thought I could justify it if it was no more than £10.

And so began my chair coverting, I walked past the place checking three times to see if it was open and whether someone else had the same idea and had been quicker than me and sprited it away. But no I was lucky the place was open come Tuesday morning (honestly if anyone had been watching me they would have thought I was casing the joint!)

Hello I said to the lady behind the till, could you tell me how much the little chair in your display window is...(please be no more than a tenner my brain is going)...and you know what she £3 okay, love? I nearly bit her hand off! And here she is lovely little thing. I can't wait to do her up.

I see her in a grey blue with this lovely Cath Kidson fabric as her seat cover. Scrummy.


  1. OK, that's it! When can I come and visit you so we can go to all the charity shops in your area?!

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  3. LOL - anytime petal xxx Finally getting round to doing the chair - just waiting for my dad to cut me a piece of hardbord for the bas so i can attecpt my first recovering... Sadly no Cath Kidson - couldnt justify that amount of money for a metre of material. Got a nice bit of stripey stuff instead :-)