Monday, 4 April 2011

One down

Well my first mother's day was lovely. I got a nice lie in (bliss!) and a beautiful giggle from Radish when I got up for breakfast. Hubby had ensured Radish chose a good card and nice chocolates. Knew there was a reason I married him! Got a beautiful orchard from my parents too. 

I love the colour and pattern on the petals. I think I will have to pull my pastels out and try copying this. 

Project wise I have only completed Radish's picture - the cushion will need a few more hours work and a search for some nice chunky buttons before I post any images. Anyhow I was really pleased at how the picture came out. 

I have started using a thicker black cotton on my machine and I think it works better than the normal. Just need a trip to IKEA to get a frame and it'll be sorted.

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