Thursday, 7 April 2011

First cushion finished

Just finished the cushion I was crocheting for Radish's room and was so pleased with it I decided to post the pictures as soon as I could. 

I had an old pillow that had seen better days and had kind of misshaped itself after washing so decided to cut it in half and make some bolster cushions for his bedroom chair. I didn't want to do the traditional crochet type cushion so by using some half doubles and some bobble stitches I came up with this.

Doesn't it look like it's been knitted (not something I've ever learnt -but hope to teach myself soon). I think the front has an Aran jumper look to it and though the back is just single crochet, the look over all very pleasing. 

Not sure what my camera is doing but this close up is a truer version of the colour. Now what to do with the other half of the pillow!

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