Friday, 8 April 2011

Crawling, cakes and crochet

Well it's nearly the weekend again and I think we definately will see Radish crawl. He has his roll down to a tee, and has already crawled a few moves back and forth before going star shaped but he seems to be getting there. Fingers crossed...

In between watching to see Radish's first proper crawl I have been baking. Little chocolate cakes. Yummy. It is my nephew Jack's birthday tomorrow and his mum is having a birthday tea for the family. Okay birthday tea for the children and birthday wine for the adults ;-) Decorating will have to wait till we get there. If they last that long!

My weekend project started early - I found some lovely purple wool in the village and have decided better late than never to make a matching blanket for Radish's lovely Stokke pram. I only coveted one thing when pregnant and that was it. It is the best thing since sliced bread. Can't recommend it highly enough. Okay stopping the pram gush - back to the blanket. I thought zippy stripes would be nice.

Bit of a way to go but i love it already.

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