Saturday, 2 April 2011

Weekend projects

Well it's nearly Mother's day so I hope the heavy hinting I have made to my husband will result in my first Mother's Day card from Radish. In the meantime I will use my time to make Radish's name canvas and crochet a cushion for his bedroom chair.

I have already cut out the applique but haven't had time to get the machine out to complete it. Normally I would put my picture names in a frame but have decided this time to attach it to a box frame.

As for the cushion cover - I need to pull that one apart and use a smaller hook - It dawned on me 20 rows into the ribbed pattern I was making up that that was the reason why it wasn't 'working'. I am trying to get the same effect as this hat I made at Christmas.

Talking of crochet - what a bargain. Aldi had a special on - £4.99 for 5 x 100g balls of DK! What a lovely turquoise - my favourite - lush! Okay its not real wool but it's ideal for the lace blanket I want to make.

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