Friday, 24 February 2012

Pinterest is internet crack!

I seem to be addicted. Addicted to Pinterest. It is the devil's work and pure internet crack! You think i'll just have a quick looksie and the boom - time disappears and you realise that you have to go to bed!!!

Evil stuff but fab at the same time as during my endless time wasting I discovered this.

Sadly the pattern is not available in English, just German and Dutch ( i think)  so i will just have to pine until it is.


  1. Does your computer not translate if for you? Mine does, if you want me to I/my computer can translate it and email it to you x

    1. Doh - didnt think of that - mind it is an e book so not sure how that works with that - i am assuming it'll be a pdf? I know you can do the post ( just had forgotten about it ;-) but not sure about the ebook. Might be worth a try though. Thanks I will look into it :-)