Friday, 27 January 2012

Falling in love

I was out the other day pottering with Radish in the local boo ti-queues when I walked into one and fell in love.  Kapow! There it was partly hidden, but hinting of walks along the beach. I immeadiately took it down off the wall and an old guy walked up beside me and said "Reckon that's Whitby way". I had been thinking exactly the same thing and as he voiced it I knew I had to have it. I love Whitby and all that coastline is soooo beautiful.

The photo doesnt really do it justice, it has a lovely creamy quality to it and has been worked in oils with both a brush and pallate knife. It is signed by Ken Johnson, but not dated and on the back is a little strip saying 'Morning Light Sandsend' so the stranger and I were right!

I was about to leave feeling very blessed when .... I saw this one:

I wasnt too sure about it but  it was also by the same artist, so I couldnt leave it behind. They might need each other. Stupid thought I know but that is what crossed my mind.

Anyhow I am pleased I did get it, it didnt have a name like the other one but it looked familiar and after a bit of research it turns out to be Robin Hoods bay which is just along the coast from Whitby.

I found a photo of Robin Hoods bay from 1900 that looks very similar to this as the modern photos have slightly different buildings on the right hand side but I reckon it is 50's early 60's though by the style of painting.

Not bad for £14 :-)


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