Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Colour wheels

I am totally in love with my new creation but am now stuck as I have run out of cotton and can't justify buying any more till next month.... so a little view of my gorgeous (if i do say so myself!) WIP.

However in my excitement I have left the tidying up instead of doing it as I went along.... EEEK!!!!!

Best get on with it until I can buy some more I suppose (dragging feet)


  1. Wow you have matched those colours perfectly - Nice one!

  2. Love those colours. Last time I did that with the ends I swore never again :)

  3. I am seriously thinking of leaving the back as a statement... of what I am not sure though.. Lazy b***h maybe? :-) he he

  4. Mrs Radish's Mum, how come I didn't know about all these?! I knew you were fantastic as a person, but I didn't know you were so fantastically creative and talented!!!