Saturday, 17 September 2011

Birthday plate

One of the things I thought would be a nice memento for Radish when he's older of his first birthday, was a plate. I used to live in Kent which had this fab little paint your own pottery place and made many a gift there as well as whiling away many a contented hour.

However after a bit of research I couldn't find something similar nearby, so what to do. Doing my usual time wasting researching I came across Melmaster. They are a melamine manufacturer and do a few items that you can personalise so thought that might be a good solution. And a good idea for future presents for friends.

This was the design I came up with and uploaded. (With much difficulty i might add – their website does not like Macs), and so I waited with baited breath... and waited and waited.

It took them four weeks to get the plate to me. Now I don't mind about things taking time but I do mind it when enquiries that I make to see what is going on are ignored. Very rude I think.

That is one reason that I'm not sure I'll be using them again. The other is after following their instructions and centering my design they messed it up, not by much I suppose but enough for me to be disappointed every time I look at it. It's wonky and if I worked at Melmaster I would have done it again. I'd have thought oh look it says Happy 1st Birthday and it must be special and tried to make it look better. However it seems the person, couldn't be ar**ed.

Okay rant over, Radish seemed happy with it and that's what matters. I still think they would make nice presents so I will see if there is another company out there instead who can do them. If not and you fancy using Melmaster yourselves be warned not to edge your design/picture - they don't seem to care on making it right.

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  1. As you say - the little man seems quite chuffed with is plate, but I know what you mean about being disappointed about a service. x