Monday, 19 September 2011

Birthday bunting

I started this project ages ago and finally got to finish it the other day and am very pleased with the results even if I don't think the pictures do it justice.

I had picked up a collection of old linen napkins which considering I already have tons of the things was a bit of a waste on my side. So what to do with them.

I had seen some posts in the past about edging pillowcases and I though that might work. About the same time the local little wool (come fancy dress) shop had some wonderful crochet yarn in the window and in one of the local boo-ti-ques I found a collection too. (Strange how you sometimes find similar bits like that all on the same day - it's like you are supposed to find them...)

Yummy colours!

Trouble was the little bits of embroidery on the napkins didnt match any of the new colours I had bought so I came up with the idea of cutting them in half and making them into bunting. I then marked out 1 cm spaces on the edge and blanket stitched them, before doing a little crochet edge on each.

They all looked quiet lovely when done but were still missing something so I decided to embroider them and make them a gift. Now I last did embroidering when I was about 8 years old so you will have to excuse my only remembered stitch - chain stitch. I chose a kind of scandinavian theme as it was quite simplistic - bit like my embroidery really!

Not brilliant but made with enjoyment and love and hopefully that will be appreciated...and the wonky stitching glossed over :-)

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  1. Beautiful beautiful beautiful! I love the colours - wonderful