Thursday, 14 July 2011

Feeling sorry for yourself

I cant say July or even the rest of this year has been any good, and though I have tried to be positive if I am honest, I do feel as if I have been down in the dumps most of the time. Now it could be a few things - a bit of post natal or the fact that my hubbie has been out of work for over six months and every month we seem to be drowning a bit more in the crap life throws, but today I have decided I cant do this any more.

Life is too short to feel so sorry for myself when in reality there isnt really anything wrong - not anything that cant be sorted anyhow. They are not life and death issues and there are lots of people out there worse off than me (as my mother used to remind me!) Reading about Cherry Menlove's husband and Lucy's mum kind of puts things in perspective. So positive -  is how I am going to try and be and supposedly writing down the bits of life you are thankful for is a good way to start.

* Radish is a joy to watch trying new things, this week we have found he is enjoying trying to feed himself (even if he hasn't mastered it) and that he loves swings.

* Hubbie has an interview tomorrow (fingers and toes crossed)

* I have designed and made two rattles and am very pleased with them

* My vintage stripe is coming on very nicely.

So all in all four lovely things for today and that I think is a very good start, and that'll do for now :-)


  1. Hang in there, these downers do happen and often things seem really rubbish but if you do, as you have done, look for the good things, however small, they definitely lighten up your day x

  2. Aw, your little Radish with his food on his forehead is so dang cute! I love your crocheted car, too--most excellent. :)