Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The Versatile Blogger Award

I have just come online for a quicksy ogle at everyone's lovely sites and found to my surprise and delight that I have been awarded a Versitile Blogger award by the lovely Hawthorn

She kindly awarded me it for my crochet and my arty bargain hunting ;-) And according to the rules I have to pass on the award to others and share something random about myself.

So I would like to nominate Annaboo's house  for her fun and happy blog, La Dame au Beret for her beautiful hats and headwear - check her out if you need something unique for a special event, and finally I would like to pass it back to Hawthorn for all her lovely kind words of encouragement that she gives all us 'quiet' bloggers. Not sure if that is allowed but hey ho ;-)

Now what random things about me might be of interest...
  • I used to be an assistant animator for King Rollo Animation. I worked on Spot the Dog and Maisy Mouse animations - I was also the person in charge of all the original Mr Ben artwork and cels. It was heaven.
  • I only passed my driving test a few years ago, but it wasn't until I moved to Dubai six months after passing that I could afford a car. My first drive was on one of the worlds worst accident packed roads. (I swore all the way and saw two car crashes.)
  • My first experience on a motorbike was dressed only in a sheet. (Again swearing alot featured...)
  • I was taught crochet and Knitting by my Gran when I was little but could only get my head around the crocheting. Knitting still flumoxes me!
  • I once went all the way across the country for a blind date. It wasnt really worth the date but the trip was fun!
  • I do the best deserts in the world - or so my nephew Dan tells me (It would be rude not to agree with him, he is only 8)

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  1. H - so glad you are chuffed to receive the award - it is deserved and thank you for nominating me too xx Nice to see you back in blogland :) It is lovely finding out random things about folk x