Saturday, 5 November 2011

Odds and sods cushions

After finishing my lovely blanket and feeling all proud of myself I realised I was also a bit bereft. I didnt have anything to crochet!

Funny how come an evening, I can sit there and crochet and watch anything on the telly but when I have no project on the go, I get really bored and can't stand the programmes my hubbie chooses, much to his annoyance. What to do... GET MORE WOOL he cries...

I find it easiest to order wool over tinternt as I live in a village that doesn't stock the cotton that I prefer to work in. But that still takes a few days to arrive, so in the meantime i rummaged through my scraps and came up with this little beauty (if i dont say so myself).

It is quite small as I didnt have much cotton left from the blanket but I think it complements it rather nicely. 

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