Sunday, 6 November 2011

New blankie

As the weather closes in I am aware of keeping Radish warm and cosy but also about how much I dont really like the original blanket I made him. In fact every time I get it out I winch. Colour wise, I still like it but when I see how bad the crocheting was I knew I had to do a new one.

I did think about doing the same again but in cotton but on recieving my new stash ( messily displayed here with my new project) I decided I need new inspiration.

And I knew where to get it! Little Woolie to be exact! 

I hope I am doing this right and wont be upsetting her but I had to share  and I have linked it back ( well I think I have) but look at this.

Isnt it just the most beautiful thing? I love the colours and I intend to be brave and make one for me like it. ( I say brave as I tend to go tonal in my colours - bit scared of bright colours I think).

However in the meantime I am going to take inspiration from it and make a sampler blanket for Radish's little fingers to play with. 

So far only a few rows in but we'll get there...

Talking of getting there - We took Radish to his first firework display, so out came the snow suit and the new winter hat. Doest he look a cutie! Just have to make him alittle scarf now.

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