Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Blogging without obligation

I came across this little button on Marmaladerose's blog called 'Blogging without Obligation' and it struck a chord.

I started blogging with enjoyment but recently I have only felt guilt. Guilt that I havent done this or that; that I havent posted enough, that my life is boring and what should I write about etc - basically all the rubbish that I could do without. I have enough worry in my life without creating extra where there was none.

So as of today I promise:

I will enjoy my time reading everyone elses lovely posts, and not spend that time thinking I should be writing my own - Some of us are writers and some of us are readers.

 I will not beat myself up that I just post when I can be bothered - because that is the truth. I hate it when things become chores and I dont want that to happen here.

 I will only post when I want to, not because I feel I should. I will let go of the 'my life is boring bit'. My life is normal and I'm happy with that, sometimes great things happen, sometimes not and most of the time life just goes along and is really not worth blogging about.



  1. Funnily enough, when I first started blogging an American blogger became one of my first followers, she was so full of va-va-voom and creativity and churned out day after day posts about her makes, adventures with the glue gun, yard finds and shabby chic make overs that I felt quite 'bland' and 'lazy' and did go some way to increase my crafting output and 'show and blog-tell' and it was hard.

    So I pulled back and stopped blogging on a daily basis, I was disappointed in myself and continued to read her almost daily adventures in crafting in a mix of envy and admiration. Then suddenly she stopped - blogging, creating and just disappeared. We had emailed each other a few times over the year so I emailed her to see if she was ok and she had had breakdown - she was so stressed about having to 'perform daily' to her over 300 followers who constantly wanted her to give tutorials and links how to make things that she cracked under the pressure. That was about 11 months ago and she is a lot happier now she stepped away. So, yes, take the pressure off, enjoy the outlet when you want and don't feel pressured (by yourself or others) to blog
    Wow - seemed to have written a might tome rather than a quick comment :)

  2. Well said! That's exactly how I've been feeling about blogging of late and wrote something along the same lines last night. Hawthorn read it and pointed me in your direction!
    Nice to meet you, anyway. I'll drop by again :)