Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Still on a Christmas theme

As I said I have been on a mission. A Christmas crafting one it seems. First Santa, now decorations galore are the order.

It comes down to my new found love - felt. I love felt. I love working on it, cutting it is easy, sewing it is easy and it always looks great. Felt is fab. Santa was my first project in it. These three trees were next...

Well I say three, I have run out of white embroidery thread so I have only completed the two smaller ones .. but they do look cute.

And the little heart decorations were my third. The  holly design was taken from a lovely little book I got from the library called Stitched with Love by Mandy Shaw. She only used three buttons for her sprigs but she isn't as bad a stitcher as I am. I needed four to hide my starting and ending stitches :-) Mind it didn't help I stitched them free hand...

I have some little stars on the go but like I said I have run out of thread, so thats it for now. Hopefully I will get to town come the weekend.


  1. Love these - I think felt is a brilliant medium to play with - really responsive. You should check out bugs and fishes - she has been doing a serious of xmas goodies - http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/BugsAndFishes/~3/kS-1e8zunyE/how-to-felt-candy-cane-ornaments.html

  2. Ohhh nice - thanks Hawthorn will add this one to my collection xx