Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Projects on the go

As I said I have some stuff on at the moment so I haven't been writing or updating my blog and horror of horrors I have hardly had a chance to read others either ( and that is way more enjoyable).

I have though, been collecting projects and managing to finish my felt decorations ( so far anyhow - I have a few more ideas bubbling...)

I am very pleased with these little fellows. Very quick and easy to do.

And I love my three trees on my grandma's cake platter. I think some mini white and silver baubles nestled around them at Christmas will make them a lovely little display.

My other projects are larger... I have been given a 1920's /30's lloyd loom style chair and table. They were my Gran and Grandads and have been living in my parents attic for years, as the amount of crap dust that came out proved. I started off just brushing them down and ended up in clouds of dust so finished with the hoover after losing the ability to breathe!

Supposedly, they used to be a lovely gold my aunty said! Well I think a new lick of paint and upholstery is in order...


  1. You have been busy - love the stars❤

  2. Hiya,

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