Sunday, 2 October 2011

Christmas is a-coming

For the first time in years I am looking forward to Christmas. I know it is only the start of October and I hate that the shops already have stuff in for it but I am feeling a little bubble of excitement brewing...

Having Radish has brought a whole new meaning to Christmas. I know he is only one but I am having fun making Christmas themed things for him and anyhow we can bring them out each year.  I have some decorations on the go at the moment ( will post them later)  but I am so pleased with my Advent calendar that I had to take some pics and show him off.

Isn't he lovely. I am so chuffed with him. I need to iron his body and add his hat trimming (white to match his cuffs with a sprig of holly) and the ribbon to hang him but I am sooooo pleased with him, so here he is! My own Ta Dah moment :-)

Ohhh and I have to add the little sack that I have made to match his number 24. His little mustache is very cute and flops back and forth when you carry him.

Do you like his little boots :-) The little wooden heart buttons came from some clothes I got at the White Stuff sale - I love their little tags with it's collection of buttons - came in good use here. The flower buttons I used for his cuffs.

Ho Ho Ho


  1. he is GORGEOUS !! Lucky little Radish :)

  2. Thank you for following me- I had to come and see your blog and am in love with it all.
    Your Santa is so cute, and I have loved looking at your gorgeous crochet creations and seeing photos of your adorable little Radish too.
    Looking forward to seeing you again soon.
    Nearly the weekend...

  3. Your Santa advent calendar is very cute indeed. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Best wishes, Tammy

  4. Thank you very much for your lovely comments xx I am dead chuffed with him and it seems I might have a commission to make another one too. All very exciting :-)