Thursday, 23 June 2011

Where did June go?

Is it me or has this year flown past? I cant say I have been up to much or actually done anything these past few weeks but they seem to have flown past! I used to think that my parents talked rubbish when they said time flies... It really doesn't when you are younger but it bloody well does when you get older. I can go through a week and get to the end and think what the... Not funny!

Anyhow, best do a catch up over what I have done. Like I said it's not been much, mainly because when I get the chance to get on here and start looking at everyone else's blogs and think what I have to say and write is rubbish so I'll just have another cup of tea and carry on reading instead of crafting! :-)

I have however had delivery of some new yarn and am pleased with the colours - very vintage and just what I was looking for.

I did get two extra colours but didn't feel they went with the six above so they will be making a small pram blanket for Radish.

I was originally going to do a ripple blanket in the vintage colours and I did start (see below) but you know what it's like when you just arent sure... That feeling of uh oo.

That's how I felt with it and the more I progressed with it the more I was unsure. I was starting to get real disappointed - not what I had envisioned at all! A decision needed to be made.

In the meantime I was working on Radish's blanket and was loving the pattern I had chosen. What it's called I can't remember - it's a type of a shell/scallop stitch from Lion that I basterdised to make work for me.

I was very pleased with that, so decision sorted! That would be what my vintage blanket would be made up from. Its coming on rather nicely now and I feel all nice and smiley when working on it rather that uh oo. Even the hubby likes it and comments on it. I will get my camera found and get some pics uploaded. 

On another note i have found a new supplier of lovely coloured cotton so I will post the link 
a) as a reminder for me and 
b) just in case anyone reading this is interested too.

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  1. I do like the shell blankie - not tried that style yet and think it looks excellent.....can feel the need for a new blankie!