Friday, 1 April 2011

Baby steps

Well Radish is trying to walk and I am trying to blog - firsts for us both. Not really sure what you do with these things but I felt I needed an outlet for all my creativeness since becoming a stay at home mum. Hopefully it will make me complete all those projects I start but never seem to finish...

Where to start... How about I post the sunglass case I made for my lovely friend Ali's birthday. I hope she likes it! I lined it with white felt to protect those Premarch√© designer sunnies from nasty scratches. 

The case is made from linen and the letters are cut from scraps from my applique collection gathered from collecting children's cotton clothing. I am not sure if i should have Dame Edna the specs image up though? Maybe I will on the next one?

Ohhh lovely - just heard from Ali that she was very pleased with the case and it will go with her new navy mummy bag that she got too.

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